Monday, September 26, 2016

Collection of Various Web and SEO Tools

There are more than 200 web and seo tools which are available on web and launched by many companies, It is very difficult for every one to visit the various sources and collect and maintain the list. We just made an attempt to get the list below

SEO and Web Tools
Google Tools
Google Position Checker Tool
Google Backlink Checker
Google PageRank Checker Tool
Google Banned Site Checker Tool
Google Map Tool
Google IP Checker Tool
Google Datacenter Checker Tool
Google Sandbox Checker Tool
Future PageRank Checker
Multiple Datacenter backlink Checker
Google Bot Last Accessed Date
Multiple Datacenter Position Checker Tool
Multiple Datacenter PageRank Checker tool
Google Plagiarism Checker
Australia / AU Bing Yahoo Google Rank checker
Penguin Penalty Checker
Multi keyword Google position tracker

GenieRank Widget
SEO Statistics Widget
PageRank Checker Buttons
Twitter Button Generator
Javascript Clock Widget
Yahoo Tools
Yahoo Position Checker Tool
Yahoo Position Checker API Tool
Yahoo Backlink Checker Tool
Yahoo Banned Site Checker Tool
Yahoo Crawled Date Checker Tool
Yahoo Rank Filter Checker
Yahoo Plagiarism Checker

MSN Tools
BING Rank-Position Checker Tool
Bing Live Rank-Position Checker Tool
Bing Backlink Checker Tool
Bing Banned Site Checker Tool

Text Tools
Flip Text Tool
Case Change Tool
Password Generator Tool
Regular Expression Tool
Convert Text to HTML Tool
Text Formatting Tool
Comparison Tools
Page Comparison Tool
Search Engine Saturation Tool
Competition Finder Tool

Link Popularity Tools
Multiple Site .Gov and .Edu Backlink Checker Tool
Link Popularity Comparison Tool
Link Popularity Checking Tool
Link Suggest Tool
No Follow Links Finder-Checker Tool
Reciprocal Link Checker Tool
Broken Link Checker Tool

Search Engines Tools
Outbound Links Checker Tool
Google Yahoo Msn Position Comparison Tool
Search Engine Indexed Page Checker Tool
Reverse IP Tool
Backlink Finder Tool
Spider View Tool

Site Tools
Search Listings Preview Tool
Multiple Site Meta Tags Extractor Tool
HTML Encrypter Tool
HTML Validator Tool
E-mail Obfuscator Tool
URL Encode and URL Decode Tool
Website SEO Cost Calculator Tool
What is my IP?
Check IP location / country
Spider Test Tool
Return Of Investment Calculator Tool
Password Encryptor Tool
Mod Rewrite Rule Generator Tool
Robot File Code Generator Tool
Meta Tags Generator Tool
Online Font Generator
Domain Age Checker Tool
Web page Size Checker Tool
Check Server Headers Tool
URL Redirect Checker Tool
Content To Code Ratio Test Tool
HTML Source code viewer Tool
ALEXA Rank Comparison Graph
Dmoz Directory Listing Tool
Web Page Screen Resolution Simulator Tool
Website Speed Checker Tool
Alexa Backlinks, Popularity and Reach Rank Checker Tool
Ping Test Tool
Domain Availability Checker Tool
Domain/Website Whois Checker Tool
CSS Validation Checker Tool
Error Page Generator Tool
Domain Suggestion Checker Tool

Keyword tools
Keyword Typo Generator Tool
Keyword Cloud Generator Tool
Domain IP Class Checker Tool
Misspelled Keyword Suggestion Tool
Google Suggest Scraper Tool
Keyword Density Analysis Tool
Yahoo-Google Keyword Suggestion Tool
Keyword List Generator Tool
Multiple Site Keyword Extractor Tool

Javascript Tools
Java Script Pop-up Window Generator Tool
Image Slide Show Generator Tool
Javascript Ad Rotator Tool
Javascript Clock Tool
Browser Details Tool
301 Redirect Code Generator Tool
Social Bookmarks Links Creator/Generator Tool
RSS Button Maker/Generator/Creator Tool
Broadband Speed Checker Tool
Timestamp Converter Tool
Unix Timestamp Converter Tool
MD5 Encryption Tool
Email to Image Convertor Tool
Bandwidth Conversion Calculator
SEO On Page Checker 
Domain strength authority checker 
Remove duplicate keywords tool
Web page link extractor tool
Multi URL Opener
QRCode Generator and Scanner 
Website SEO statistics tool 
What is your/my IP 
Google Bot Last Accessed Date Checker Widget 
Word Count Checker Tool 
HTML to JavaScript Converter 
HTML to PHP Converter 
Visitor Hit Counter 
Yahoo Crawled Date Checker Widget Tool 
Password Strength Checker Tool